Analysis of the development trend of my country's electric tool industry in 2015


At present, more than 85% of the power tools used in the world are made in China, and many parts of the power tools produced abroad are also processed in China. China's power tool exports account for about 40% of the world's total power tool exports.

For many years, my country's power tools have been mainly exported, and exports accounted for 85% to 90% of the total output, and the domestic market sales accounted for 10% to 15%. Although a large number of domestic electric tools are exported, the domestic market share of domestic electric tools is still over 90%.

According to Yubo Zhiye Market Research Center, China is a major producer and exporter of hardware tools. Among the power tools sold in the world, most of them are produced and exported from China. China has become the world’s main power tool supplier. Quotient. Although my country's hardware tool industry is large in scale, due to factors such as weak technological innovation capabilities, too single market structure, and weak brand influence, many hardware tool manufacturers often lack core competitiveness and are difficult to grow bigger and stronger.

The use of electric tools is the same as that of pneumatic tools, and it is even more convenient to use than pneumatic tools. It has the advantages of small and exquisite body, long life, high safety, and energy saving. As far as the current overall situation is concerned, its variety and specifications are relatively complete, such as wind chisel, gun drill, polisher, impact wrench, etc.

Although China's power tool industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, there is still a certain gap compared with foreign products. To promote the further development of the power tool industry, technology is very important. The power tool industry is a high-tech industry, and companies must actively introduce related technologies to enhance their technical strength.

The power tool industry belongs to the advanced equipment manufacturing industry, which enhances advanced manufacturing in service. Power tools are widely used in aerospace, high-speed rail construction, shipbuilding, automobiles, and other advanced equipment manufacturing and road construction, decoration, wood processing, metal processing and other production fields.

According to the market supply and demand forecast and development prospect forecast report of China's power tool industry, it is understood that in the domestic power tool industry under normal circumstances, companies that produce do-it-yourself household-level power tool products account for the majority. Professional-level product factories that form a product series are extremely rare Yes, the industrial concentration is low and there is a lack of leading enterprises. From the perspective of development trends, the industry reshuffle of domestic brand experience has finally formed some leading enterprises and a standardized and orderly situation; domestic and foreign brands will also redistribute market shares, and domestic brands will continue to replace foreign brands. The needs of the internal integration industry will celebrate corporate leaders.

Improve product structure, comprehensive service capabilities, and the power tool market is in a good situation, but the problem is that the domestic sales market for domestic power tools is imperfect, power tools, the most traditional high-speed power tools and the general level of cemented carbide tool standards.

The power tool industry actively introduces technology to promote its own strength. China’s rapid development and integration of foreign exchanges have developed rapidly in the power tool industry in recent years, but it may be at a backward level compared with related foreign companies. Professionals believe that this technology is very important for the rapid development of the power tool industry. The particularity of the power tool industry is that it is a high-tech industry, and companies must actively introduce related technologies to enhance their strength.

Improve product quality and speed up the development of new products. Special emphasis is placed on accelerating the development of battery power tools and electronically controlled power tools, and continuously improving the quality of power tools and products.

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