The future reshuffle of the power tool industry will further accelerate


Several small companies in Zhejiang’s power tool industry have closed down this year... Now the competition has reached a fierce stage, and the industry reshuffle will accelerate in the future. "The person in charge of a power tool manufacturer in Zhejiang Province said.

The significance of the Canton Fair as the "barometer" and "weathervane" of China's foreign trade. It was learned at the 116th Canton Fair that the foreign trade situation is not optimistic, and foreign trade companies complained about the pressure "mountain": rising labor costs, serious infringements, and unstable international situations...

More and more foreign trade companies realize that after bidding farewell to the past high-speed growth, my country's growth rate has slowed down, and this situation will become the "new normal".

Rising labor costs have caused many manufacturers to complain and further weaken the competitiveness of Chinese products.

"Our monthly salary for a worker has risen to 4000-5000 yuan." said Ding Tao, sales manager of Ningbo Battery & Electrical Appliance Import & Export Company in Zhejiang Province.

Frank Lakatos, Director of OEM Procurement of Metabao from Germany, said that the quality of Chinese products is improving year by year, but the problem is that labor costs in China are rising, which exceeds the increase in labor costs in Germany, and end customers are increasing product prices. Difficult to accept.

"More importantly, China's innovation capability is still relatively poor and needs to continue to improve." The buyer said.

"The impact of exchange rate fluctuations on us is also obvious. If the RMB exchange rate continues to strengthen, a group of small businesses will disappear." Ding Tao said.

An industry insider with many years of experience in foreign trade said that China is still at the low end of the global industrial chain. As China's demographic dividend gradually disappears, exports will become increasingly difficult in the future. "

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