Technological patent product: multi-purpose electric tool with interchangeable head


It is understood that this patented product is a multi-purpose machine tool with interchangeable heads that can be plugged into a variety of tool heads to form dozens of commonly used machine tools, such as drilling machines, grinders, electric saws, and electric hammers. The power tool achieves multiple functions in one machine. It is the kind of universal machine tool that people expect. In particular, the rotary inserting head device is fixed on various mechanical equipment, and the speed-regulating motor transmits the power to the working parts of various machines through the rotary inserting sleeve device to provide it with moving motor power. The technology of the replaceable head type machine tool is not only used in electric motor equipment, but also has a wide range of uses in fuel oil machine rotating equipment, compressor air driven equipment, steam turbine steam driven equipment, and more importantly, it provides motors and A standard interface between working equipment, with hundreds of creative new products developed by this technology, filling the gap of domestic and foreign exchangeable the head machine tools.

This product is an innovative power tool that has just obtained a national patent certificate in September 2014. It is a creative product with a blank in the internationally competitive market. Because of its simple and practical structure, any power tool manufacturer adds one to the motor. A new type of product that can be put into production with a rotary socket and a different tool head. It has no investment risk. Because the machine tool has a rotary shaft rotary socket interface structure between the rotating device and the tool head, the result is Hundreds of creative new product tools, which can cover all the product ranges of all electric tools, and most of the tool fields of rotary power equipment, making it in the field of handheld tools, processing machine tools, mobile equipment, engine equipment, There are a wide range of applications in the field of micro-manipulation micro-processing, robot operation, household appliances, agricultural production, military equipment, etc. It can build a special industrial park in each field, and can do To strengthen an enterprise, these hundreds of innovative new machine tool products are blank at home and abroad. It can quickly occupy the domestic and foreign high-end machine tool market without any competitors.

It is reported that the core technology of this multi-purpose machine tool with interchangeable heads is to provide a standard structure and connection technology of the rotating shaft plug socket interface between the rotating equipment and the machine tool head. The method can achieve the wide use of multi-functional, multi-purpose and multi-field power rotating equipment. Currently, there is no such structure and method in the existing technology. Hundreds of creative new products have been produced by this technology. It has outstanding advantages. Innovative products with a blank in the internationally competitive market are suitable for capable manufacturers to establish large-scale industrial parks with various types of head-changing machine tools, allowing new products created by China to occupy the high-end tool market at home and abroad.

At present, there is no such product at home and abroad, and the market is blank. Because of its simple and practical structure, any manufacturer of electric tools can add a plug-in sleeve to the motor and use different tool heads to put it into production. New products.

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