Hazardous waste identification and storage Completed in April 2018   General solid waste identification and storage Completed in April 2018   Construction drawing of grease trap Construction in May 2017 was completed in June 2017 and is in normal use   Sewage collection tank construction process and completion diagram Construction started in May 2018 and construction was completed in June this year   Sewage collection tank equipment debugging diagram Successful commissioning on June 25, 2018   Rotor workshop exhaust gas treatment device and nameplate Completed on October 15, 2017   Exhaust gas treatment device and nameplate of injection workshop Completed on April 10, 2018
Announcement of environmental protection facilities of Wanchang Plastic Products Factory, announcement of acceptance monitoring report
Environmental protection acceptance monitoring report for the completion of new equipment projects
At present, more than 85% of the power tools used in the world are made in China, and many parts of the power tools produced abroad are also processed in China. China's power tool exports account for about 40% of the world's total power tool exports.
It is understood that this patented product is a multi-purpose machine tool with interchangeable heads that can be plugged into a variety of tool heads to form dozens of commonly used machine tools, such as drilling machines, grinders, electric saws, and electric hammers. The power tool achieves multiple functions in one machine. It is the kind of universal machine tool that people expect. In particular, the rotary inserting head device is fixed on various mechanical equipment, and the speed-regulating motor transmits the power to the working parts of various machines through the rotary inserting sleeve device to provide it with moving motor power. The technology of the replaceable head type machine tool is not only used in electric motor equipment, but also has a wide range of uses in fuel oil machine rotating equipment, compressor air driven equipment, steam turbine steam driven equipment, and more importantly, it provides motors and A standard interface between working equipment, with hundreds of creative new products developed by this technology, filling the gap of domestic and foreign exchangeable head machine tools.
Safety measures for the use of mobile and hand-held power tools: 1) Before energizing mobile power tools and hand-held power tools, the protective earth or protective zero should be connected.
Several small companies in Zhejiang’s power tool industry have closed down this year... Now the competition has reached a fierce stage, and the industry reshuffle will accelerate in the future. "The person in charge of a power tool manufacturer in Zhejiang Province said.
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